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On Morality and Ire.

In a just person’s heart there is a fire;

it burns for a good that we all desire.

Their strength must hold fast when stuck in the mire,

through both thick times and thin, it must not tire.

Let humane wonder uphold in times most dire:

the peaceful, soul-stirring sound of a choir,

the skilled and intricate pluck of a lyre,

a loved one’s voice on a telephone wire,

the fire in a just person’s heart:

that is what I admire.


A poem for:

The Daily Prompt – Admire

©Daniel Amatiello 2016

The Perpetual Clock

Time is elusive, ‘t lasts no time at all;

a leaf on the wind, winter, spring, summer, and fall.

The hands of the clock, they spin oh so fast,

perpetual motion eternity will last.

Seconds, minutes, they’re the blink of an eye,

on the face of time- bid that second goodbye.

Make use of your time, don’t pour ‘t down the drain;

for when that moment has gone it won’t come again.


A poem for

The Daily Prompt – Clock

Drowning Sorrows

My soul’s heavy and light; carefree and blue,

as I sit and sip this 90 proof brew.

The heady bourbon liquor smooths my soul,

as the haunting blues tones swallow me whole.


The devil plays his game with humanity,

his daughter lusts for pain and misery.

The wrongs of the world pour fourth like water,

and so we all go like lambs to the slaughter.


Try your best to bring justice to the world;

do not dishearten if your plans unfurled.

Do not despair at life’s futility,

for in my helplessness I am carefree.


A Poem for:

The Daily Prompt – Carefree

©Daniel Amatiello 2016

An Ice-cream Feast

When you find the weathers increased,

go forth ad grab yourself a feast.

When it’s so hot you want to scream,

get yourself Cornetto ice-cream.

Magnum may drip upon your shirt,

you could go for frozen yogurt.


A daft Poem for:

The Daily Prompt – Feast

©Daniel Amatiello 2016

The Best Laid Plans; an Unpredictable Haiku

A person can plot,

what they want fate to do, but;

Fate rarely listens.


A Haiku for

The Daily Prompt – Unpredictable

©Daniel Amatiello 2016

Bad Dreams

The sky is black, the beasts attack;

torture without end.

The demons jibber, the serpents slither;

flesh they all do rend.

The land is rubble, the oceans bubble,

passersby beware:

Do not tally should ye stumble,

into my nightmare.


A Poem for:

The Daily Prompt – Nightmare

©Daniel Amatiello 2016



Dessert in the Desert

Dessert in the Desert is a rare thing,

and so a full pack; be sure to bring.

Sand makes not a meal, and is not as sweet,

‘s a chocolate eclair on a sand dune seat.

Desert not provisions, keep them in mind;

Dessert in the Desert, you will then find.


A daft Poem for:

The Daily Prompt – Desert

©Daniel Amatiello 2016


Darkness of the Soul

At the end of the day; darkness prevails.

The end of all things; the banshees will wail.

The world will crumble, the hell hounds will bark,

f’rever our souls shall be lost to the Dark.


A Poem for

The Daily Prompt – Darkness

©Daniel Amatiello 2016



‘n apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Just a bite of this fruit, led ‘s all astray.

Super fruit, evil fruit; snow white had one.

One in my lunchbox is better than none.


A Poem for

The Daily Prompt – Forbidden

©Daniel Amatiello 2016

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