I ride along the road on the back of a black and chrome beast, the magnificence of the landscape stretching out all around. It is my spirit that drives me along; flying and soaring like an angelic phantom ever pushing me onward, onward on the road of eternity which stretches out inexorable before me.

The wind in the sails is the force that drives my boat, but my spirit spurs me ever on; on over the oceans of the world, on to new adventures and lands I long to see.

The wheels, body and engine of my car are all tools, nothing more than tools, which my spirit uses to take me to the place where I earn my living, or on to new destinations; to see, hear and feel the things the world has to offer.

The spirit drives my feet, flies my plane and steers my craft. The spirit carries me away to the wondrous places of the world. It is the strongest driving force; it takes us to work every day or to the other side of the world on a whim. It shapes the world, it builds and topples empires.

The spirit’s drive makes us alive and helps us to thrive.


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The Daily Prompt – Drive